Department of Information Technology


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        The IT department library facility is available for the department faculty and students for ready reference. A separate hall for department library is provided with reading facility. The department library consists of text and reference books in different disciplines. It has a total number of 318 books in the areas of Operating Systems, Networks, Programming languages, Computer architectures Computer Networks, System Software, Computer Graphics, Data Base Management System, Web Technology, Cryptography and Network Security, Unix, Visual Programming, Programming languages, Computer architectures, Data Mining Total Quality Management, Microprocessor, Communication engineering, etc.

Department Library

General Rules and Regulations of the Department Library

•   The main purpose of these rules is to safeguard the common interest of all users and to enable the library to carry out its functions as efficiently as possible.

    1. Borrowing/Returning the books in the department library must be done within the college working hours.
    2. Borrowing/Returning the books from the library should be entered in the issue register without fail.
    3. The Users can keep the books to the maximum of three months period.
    4. The Users can take maximum of three books per semester.
    5. The users are not allowed to write in the library book.
    6. Books should be handled carefully and ensure that the books should not be damaged.
    7. Loss of Library books must be informed to HOD / Lib. Incharge without delay. They should immediately replace
       the new book with same Title, Author and Edition.

•   The following magazines are available for Reference.
    1. e-Business/e-Commerce
    2. High Performance computing
    3. ICT in Agriculture
    4. Medical Informatics
    5. Computer Vision
    6. Graph Theory
    7. Software Engineerings

•   The Department Library consists of 345 UG Project Reports for Students Reference.

•   The following Online Journals are available:
      - IEEE
      - EBSCO
      - ASCE
      - ASME
      - ASTM
      - SPRINGER
      - Mc Graw Hill

•   NPTEL materials are available and can be accessed through