Industry-Institution Partnerships


        Industry Institute Partnership Cell in the institution very closely work with industry in the following aspects,

                • Faculty Development Programme (FDP) by Industry Experts.
                • Student Development Programme on Core Competency building and other support services.
                • Consultancy, Sponsored Research and Continuing Education Programmes.

        IIP Cell interacts with All India Professional bodies like CII, NASSCOM, ISTD, FICCI and QCFI. IIP Cell of Valliammai Engineering College signed MoUs with the following list of companies.

  •         1. Coronet Technology Solution
  •         2. Aadhityaa Infomedia Solutions
  •         3. Infosys Campus Connect (Dept. of CSE)
  •         4. Maventricks
  •         5. Trendwise Software Solutions [TSS] LLP
  •         6. FixNix InfoSec Solution Pvt.Ltd
  •         7. Kaashiv infotech, Chennai
  •         8. ABE Semiconductor Designs
  •         9. BSNL-All India Council for Technical Education
  •         10. Vi Microsystems Pvt.Ltd (Dept. of ECE)
  •         11. Infosys Campus Connect (Dept. of EEE)
  •         12. ABE Semiconductor Designs
  •         13. Vi Microsystems Pvt.Ltd (Dept. of EEE)
  •         14. M/s Labtech Electronics Pvt Ltd
  •         15. RLT Instrumentation Pvt.Ltd
  •         16. BESTMACH
  •         17. Vi Microsystems Pvt.Ltd (Dept. of EIE)
  •         18. Vi Microsystems Pvt.Ltd (Dept. of MECHANICAL)
  •         19. SS Designs Systems Pvt Ltd
  •         20. Consolidated Engineering Services
  •         21. Excel Industrial Packagings Pvt.Ltd
  •         22. Spark’n Beyond Management Solutions Pvt Ltd
  •         23. Spryntas Software Solution
  •         24. Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises(MSME)
  •         25. FixNix InfoSec Solution Pvt.Ltd
  •         26. CAARE | Connect Program at Your Campus, Accenture
  •         27. LinuXpert Systems
  •         28. Infosys Campus Connect (Dept. of MCA)
  •         29. Sutherland Global Services Private Limited
  •         30. VFormation (60 Hours IT Training)
  •         31. VFormation (Two Day IT Training)
  •         32. Sree Associate
  •         33. Alps Inc Corporation
  •         34. SRM Engineering Construction Corporation Ltd

IIP Cell Activities:

        1. Developing close links between Industry-Institute by interaction programs.
        2. To encourage industry and organizations for placement and training of students in Industries.
        3. Widening & Implementing R&D programmes, sponsored and joint R&D projects from industries, in the Institute.
        4. To conduct Industrial Training and Industrial Visits for the students and faculty. To conduct industrial exhibitions to         highlight research facilities and expertise available with the Institute.
        5. To encourage Industry to collaborate in Industry Study Tour Programme (ISTP) / Intern-ship Programme.
        6. Organizing seminars, symposiums, exhibitions and workshops.
        7. Publishing and issuing technical bulletins/newsletters and course material with latest technological developments.
        8. Collaborating with other societies (National and International) having similar objectives.
        9. Conducting Industrial and Technical Exhibitions.
        10. Organizing guest lectures on latest technological advancements, evaluation of project work, and workshops from         industrial experts in the Institute.